About Us

Central Plains Coaster Club was founded by Paul Davis in 2014. Growing up in a family with a disabled brother, Paul was always looking for ways to incorporate his hobbies with helping those with disabilities. This sparked the mission of Ride for a Cure. Ride for a Cure is a mission that the club lives up to, creating events and more based around it. The marquee event of CPCC is Ride For A Cure Day. This day was made possible by many supporters and raised over $500 that went towards providing medical equipment to families with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The club has been operating since the beginning as an unregistered non-profit donating money to organizations who help these aforementioned families.


Spencer Ferguson, President
Paul Davis, Director of Operations
Nick Creider, Management Director/Media
Keaton Stiles, Management
Sam Dickenson, Public Affairs


[email protected]